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Pretty good, but ...

Nice little text editor performs quite well, but I need something that's capable of simultaneously displaying multiple separate editing windows, and I can't find any way of making Tincta do that. You can open multiple documents, but only one at a time can be displayed in a single editing window. If it could do that, I would up my rating to four stars.

Wow where has this app been all my life

On Mac I have used many multi language editors but most of them have had flaws that I haven’t been able to dewal with, I have mostly gone with Text Wrangler most of the time. I would test a editor, then go bac to Text Wrangler. This app I mioght stay with. I like the syntax coloring but a lot of the features like code completion is not necessary. So far I haven’t found any flaws with this app, it is fast, very fast, dependable and works really good.

Really love it!

Great app! Extremely useful, now I keep it open all the time. Excellent syntax coloring in all languages. Very lightweight and fast. A good replacement for Dashboard which doesn’t work in 10.13. Two things it can’t do: 1) It can only open one file at a time. No multiple windows! 2) You can’t click on the title bar to open the file’s container. Minor failings. All in all highly recommended.

great code editor

This app is excellent for simple code editing with syntax highlighting for several programming languages (including text files!). Very lightweight and simple outlook, especially with changing the color schema. I don’t seem to have to scrolling issues, which is a plus. Even the convenient list of open files on the left is novel. Some inconveniences are that the color schema seems a little limited (i.e. no differentiation among functions, headers (#include in C), NULL/VOID, etc.) and the editor doesn’t seem to have Batch programming language, but they’re minor issues and no not detract from the overall elegance. Kudos to Tincta!


I don’t write reviews often, but I had to for this one. It’s free, and it’s a major upgrade to textedit. The cursor color actually changes with the font color, so you won’t lose your cursor in a black background. And the tab bar keeps all the open text documents organized. This app fits my needs perfectly - I don’t do any coding, I just take a lot of notes on reading materials. Really love this app, hoping the developer sticks with it and keeps it updated for future versions of Mac! If so, I plan to use it for a long time.

Great editor with some small missing features

This is my favorite editor. It’s simple, but elegant. It has the basic features that you need in a lightweight editor. However, some of the syntax coloring is broken. This is especially noticable when editing uncompiled AppleScript! A phrase like: `set savedDelimiters to AppleScript's text item delimiters` breaks at the the possessive apostrophe, which is common Applescript syntax. Also there is no support for hex or asembly (hex) editing!? I would LOVE it if that feature were added. I like to create create old systems in assembly and machine, and this would be a handy feature. Please add it!

This is my "go to" script/text editor

Solid app. Works well, and the color schemes are nice. Best editor for scripts, XML, HTML and basic text, IMO.

Everyone should have this app

Easy, but powerful

Pretty good, but could use some help

This is one of my favorite editors, however the latest version crashes a lot when pasting text from terminals or other content. Would be nice if the side menu could show smaller, just file name without the huge icons. please do some updates.

Crashes when I scroll

I really like the functionality and layout of this program. However, when I start to scroll it always crashes :( Would love to start using again if this is fixed.

Hands down best developer notepad on Mac

Tincta is awesome. Supports every syntax known to developers and has a slick interface. Additionally, this might seem silly, but it has a great sense of humor. Things like “I said, Open It!!” warnings on Binary Files and “Swimming in unsaved waters” are silly but add some charm to an otherwise “boring” program.

Very nice text editor

This is a really nice text editor. I’ve been looking for a text editor similar to Notepad2 for Windows, and I think this is it. Granted, both applications look different from each other, but the features that I enjoy in Notepad2 for Windows are in Tincta. If you’re not happy with TextEdit and you really want a simple, but full featured text editor, I highly recommend you give Tincta a try.

Tincta quit unexpectedly

I get that error a lot, and I can't recover anything that wasn't saved.


i'm just a basic scripter, and i really like this interface. its easy to understand, and so I would recommend to those who are not heavy coders.

Much better than Komodo Edit

Komodo edit would sue a lot of my computers resources. I wa slooking for somehting lightweight. I found it. Thank you so much1

Like it so far

I've been using Tincta for few days now and I like how it works, I never thought I'd say it… but since I started using the autosave feature in Lion, it now seems like it's missing and that is the case here. I also like the fact that you can hide the file icons from the "drawer/browser" on the side, but wish there was a way to shrink them even here in the free version. I use Tincta to work with Lua, HTML, and other coding… so far I had no problems with line number/gutter size, and because I don't open very large files (all files are below 10MB) I have no performance issues. Thinking about buying PRO.

Very good coding program

This is a great program and certainly is the best Syntax Highlighting notepad on Mac. I only have a few issues which are the lack of SFTP/FTP support and the undo function dosn't under correctly. It will place text in different positions, remove empty space and sometimes through characters in there like (*, /, \, -, #, $, !, @, &, ^) just to name a few. And once in a while it throghs random chanracters not even on the keyboard like ©ƒ˜∫¥ˆå¶ø‘“¡¢•§–. Its really weird. Overall this is a great app and I will revise this when those things get fixed

fast and a good editor but..

I'd buy the pro its worth it but it's missing 2 features I use with Textwrangler. 1. FTP/SFTP/SCP support 2. command-line tools

Merged two files unexpectedly

Very nice app except that after coding with it for a few hours, it unexpectedly merged the two files I had open and wouldn't let me undo the process. As I scrolled in the javascript file I was working on, the html file which was also open began to replace the javascript code line by line. I have never seen anything like it before. Fortunately I have a habit of frequently hitting CMD+S to save my work, so I quit the app without saving the merge and only lost 10-15 minutes of work. I hate to leave a negative review, but this issue is a deal-breaker - even if it is free. I would not trust it with my code again, especially since I often have projects open for days at a time. I was running OS X Lion with all the latest updates, and the app was installed through the App Store. I sincerely hope that the developer can identify and resolve this issue!


Great for writing code. Well done.


Works well and it's clean and simple.

Had to drop this another star

There's still a few things that I would like for this text editor to have: -Lion fullscreen support -Lion auto save / versions -A preference to turn on displaying the cursor position in lines / characters. Also there's a major problem right now on my Mid 2010 MBP. Every time I open Tincta it switches over to my discrete graphics, so no using this if I want to save battery.

improvement needed

good: automatically detect the encoding bad: when opening a large file (~3M) , the performance is so laggy...

Love it!

This is awesome! TextEdit has a serious problem converting ".html" files to ".txt" when saving… this is WAY easier to use and it's more reliable :)

like it

It is now my default plain text editor when I'm not using vim in the terminal. My wish list: LaTeX syntax highlighting and auto save in Lion

Great upgrade from Mac Text Editor

This is just what I was looking for in a text editor. Lets me modify font sizes & has lots of other simple options that are great for the simple editing that I need it for. Get this if the Mac Text Editor isn't cutting it for you.

Super Fast.

I could no longer stand Apple's text editor after upgrading to Lion. WAY too slow. DL'ed this app and it's great! Launches super fast and works great.

Excellent Text Editor

I'm very happy to have found this excellent and simple text editor for the Mac. I like to be able to copy and paste text as plain text, regardless of how it was originally formatted, so this tool lets me copy text into it and then copy it back out without the formatting. But more importantly, this is the text editor I use for all the programming that I can't do with larger IDEs. For example, I use this software for working with files written with the Ocaml language. It recognizes keywords for a variety of programming languages and provides simple indent and file management support. It's all that I need from a text editor for the vast majority of the uses, and that makes it great. Also, the dock icon for this application is really cute. I like it.

A great little TextEdit replacement for the developer...

While I would not recommend this for big projects, anyone who is looking for a great little text editor with syntax hilghlighting and many other useful tools, this is a great choice. A few things it is missing that would be nice to have would be in-line running of scripts from scripting languages (like Ruby, Python, etc), and maybe even compiling of one file C/C++ apps. This would make it an ideal tool for those doing rapid prototyping. If this were coupled with some sort of project management, this would be a strong competitor for medium sized projects.

Great free editor

If you arnt willing to buy Textmate, this will get you by.

Great text editor

I was looking for a simple text editor to edit make files and such. This did the trick and can do so much more (without getting in the way). Awesome tool.

Like it

If it would have a navigation panel (and I would not need to save files each time when switching like in TextWrangeler) it would be the best free text editor

Great program

This is a great program. I first downloaded it thinking I would use it for something because I am getting my bachelor for web and Interactive Media Design. In only a few weeks I was downloading documents that were for Tincta and I thought, hhhhmmm... lets see how this works. I opened it and immediatly I see that with syntaxt options this program is by far better and easier to use than a regular text editor for writing script and code. I am very happy with it and glad I made the decision to give it a try. Thanks Tincta!

Nice and Neat

Tincta is a very solid and well thought out text editor and code writing IDE tool. I've only been using it a short time, but for my needs, it works extremely well. (In fact, I may even retire my aging copy of BBEdit Lite, which I've been using close to 10 years now...) That said, there are some features that could stand to be added... such as: - support for script/macros to perform complex operations on one or more documents without the need for constant user interaction - the addition of regular expressions for intelligent find and replace tasks (information gathered about the contents of a document can be used to search or modify that same document, following the criteria entered by the user... such as "only replacing every third occurence of a word in every other paragraph, and only when it's within three words of another specific word", etc...) - an auto-complete function for supported programming languages - a plug-in system to let third parties write their own additions, such as import/export of a proprietary file format or additional features/interfaces Other than that, not a bad job!

Good stuff

This is the text editor I've been waiting for! I love vi, but sometimes it's easier to have a standalone text editor.


Very good, the best notepad++ alternative for mac

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